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Thursday, April 15, 2010

slate roofs and glass bridges

I have just spent an interesting hour looking at architecture blogs...found an amazing one at by Jackie Craven - 100's of photographs, and a very interesting 'guess the style' mini-course which runs for the next 10 days - readers get a daily challenge and dozens of photos of the style of the week - bungalow is 'it' this time. It's interesting to see how slightly different style terms are used between Canada and the U.S. - I notice that especially when I use Blumenson's Identifying American Architecture and then go back to his Ontario book (oh well, my British-born mate and I can't agree on what a robin really looks like, so...).
But when we add that international difference to the already-confusing blending of styles (I'm meant to say 'in those situations where style 1 "meets" style 2'), it's hard to name that style. Oh well nobody ever said it was birdwatching....well maybe like when you're looking at warblers...
Found two other exciting blogs on urban design and sustainability which I'll check for balance after I spend time with polychromatic roof slates and red bricks (I'm really into brickwork today, was checking out lots of potential photos from the bus today).
The two sites are A Daily Dose of Architecture and the other Planetizen. Archidose is showing the Webb Bridge in Melbourne Australia. Words fail...

Denton Corker Marshall, architect, 2004

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