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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Inclusiveness - it doesn't have to be the same to match

During Jane's Walk early this month, I wandered around the periphery of the crowd, taking the long view...and the occasional photo. I listened to speakers who just appeared as we walked. They talked about public art, about the old city that we destroyed in the '60's, about accepting folks with acquired brain injury (remembering that we too could be there, it just takes a few seconds, and life changes forever). Spokespeople with a variety of perspectives, all forming a downtown community.

 I love downtowns because they are mash-ups. Of posh people shopping and desperate folks panhandling, of shiny-new and crumbly, old character-filled architecture, of conventional and iconclastic thinkers. Messy. Human.

I looked at my photos later in the day. My favourite ones caught that flavour.

Contrast - difference - bringing out the best in everything.

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