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Monday, April 16, 2018

All the Buildings in Melbourne...well, not quite

Before we left for our Australia and New Zealand travels, I spent time over two delightful books received as gifts from friends who'd been in Australia previously. If I hadn't already enthusiastically committed to the junket, All the Buildings in Melbourne (and the companion Sydney volume) would have done it for me. I wrote about the clever architectural drawings of James Gulliver Hancock here.

We landed in sultry Melbourne after an intense five nights on Phillip Island amidst the international classic motorcycle fraternity, in which my dear one is deeply embedded. So the tree-lined streets, parks, gardens and riverside cafes were an oasis. I loved the witty contemporary towers of the CBD and the righteous colonial past indiscriminately. Add generous helpings of sun, river and parks. The 5 nights we spent there created a bond with the city which we hope to deepen on another visit one day.

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