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"In Praise of Older Buildings"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Feeling festive...

 Here's a bit of seasonal colour thanks to...old buildings.

 When you stop to look at them, relatively few old buildings are red (even fewer are red and green. Think for a moment where the beauty on the left might live)

 Oh sure. There's always red brick.
But really. How festive is that?
Would you decorate with rust (and buff, peach, brown which were part of the palate when we built and burned bricks at home?)
 For good old-fashioned red, you stand the best chance in maritime Canada.

Of course, there are barns. Fewer and fewer painted bright barn red. Fewer and fewer, period.

And of course, doors. Easy. And steel roofs. Not so easy. But also, not likely original to the building.

But there are several structures here which hail from places other than 'down East.'

I'll give you a chance to try to recall where you last saw these buildings.

Then I'll caption the photos.

In the meantime, I'll just enjoy these seasonal colours. And try to get the spirit.

This isn't going to bell!

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  1. Well, I recognize Beebe's in downtown Cobourg… and I love the terracotta/pink clapboard house, wherever that is. There is much to be said for colourful old buildings, even if they may not be (aside from the various shades of brick) common to our neck of the woods. I think one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, building-wise, was Nice, where the buildings were unapologetically pink and yellow and orange and ochre and so on. But that would look a little odd in UEL Ontario!