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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Queensborough in Print

Not long ago, I enjoyed lunch with one of Queensborough Ontario's most dedicated champions, the writer of the delighfully homespun nostalgic blog Meanwhile, at the Manse. I won't describe it, as only a visit can do it justice. Suffice to say if avocado green, church basement sandwiches, aprons, Donny and Marie Osmond or genuine neighbourliness resonate with you, this blog, and the community from which it originates will appeal to you.

That community is Historic Queensborough, about which I have written on several occasions. I came upon it (and a severe headcold) in February 2012 ,dashing about for "just one more photo" of the surprising old village, and its fine (some of them admittedly needing love) buildings.

Orange Hall
Again I urge you to visit the lovely blog. To hear all the stories. And when (note, I say when and not if) you get to town, you will need a walking tour guide to fully appreciate the town's history, natural beauty and architecture - and the guide will speak for itself about the community spirit and plain hard work which brought it into being. That guide? It's called Historic Queensborough (that's it above). It can be obtained by phoning K. Sedgwick at 613-473-2110.

But don't believe me about Queensborough. Just consult the venerable Century Home magazine, June 1998 issue, for an item entitled 'The Miller's Daughter'.

Daniel Thompson's Mill

St. Peter's Anglican Church

American Hotel/Diamond Hotel/McMurray's General Store

Thompson house

I'm still vowing to return on a warm green and yellow summer day, for a picnic beside the millpond. How often in this world can one still do that?

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