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Monday, February 6, 2017

Calling Card

Victorian visiting etiquette.
I've learned a bit about the formalities, and about many other aspects of Victorian life, during my volunteer years at Glanmore National Historic Site.
The lives of Victorian society ladies revolved around 'visiting.' Each lady would have her day to be 'at home' for other ladies to arrive for tea and dainties, consumed while attired in hat and gloves, sitting on the edge of their seats, bolt upright in corsetted and bustled elegance.
even Americans visited
On days when one just dropped in, one offered a visiting card to the maid who answered the door, and waited in the reception room to see if herself might be at home, and deign to pop down for a chat. If not, the card would be left on a tray in the hall, for later action.

These lovely mementos are part of a collection of visiting cards and post cards I received from our Pierce grandmother.

Their purpose is to announce our visit to Camden East last week and our intention to return, when the weather is more hospitable, for a walk down Queen Victoria Street to have a closer look at its lovely Second Empire home, and right to the end to this lovely skeletal barn with its brave little roof lantern.

Have I mentioned that Frontenac County is my new favourite place?

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