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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sidney under Snow

I'm not exactly wishing for snow, but am enjoying looking at photos of historic Sidney Township homes which just happen to have been taken on a bitingly cold late January afternoon.

These are all very interesting places. I thank ACO Quinte (David Bentley) for the 1990 tour notes which led me to these lovely spots. Lois Foster alerted me to the existence of the notes.

top: Sine Homestead - the Sine family, UEL's, were the pioneers in this area, called the Sine Settlement. This house sits on the original property, settled in 1820. It dates from 1870. A lovely working farm, with beautiful rolling fields (and a great tobogganing hill)
left: Windover-Ketcheson house - a unique tin-clad building
right: Williams -Manfreda house (1825), reportedly a plank wall house.

Hot chocolate anyone?

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