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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Love you to Bits

Hello you to bits.

Kingston has such a wealth of historic architecture that my jaw drops and my eyes well with tears when I walk your streets. This does make it difficult to do photographic justice to your homes, civic buildings, and streetscapes, however.

And then there's the size of some of your buildings! And the busy streets and sidewalks. Did I mention the wind off the lake? And the hydro lines along King Street!? And lest you think I'm complaining, I do tend to miss the best light when I'm in your town, always working around a schedule not my own.
Difficult to capture the entirety of a Summerhill or an Onondaga, so I've had to resort to treasured bits on occasion.

Today, in honour of my new FHF readers (and to give folks a bit of a respite from my Purdy musings) I will post some bits of Kingston that I find especially enjoyable...and you locals can figure out where you last saw them, as you live and work (I am SO envious) among them.

Incidentally, in case one might be tempted to think that I am completely design-challenged I add, with a moue at its intransigence, that Blogger does not like making photo collages, and is doing everything to be awkward. Enjoy the photos, please overlook the format.

 One day, perhaps, my technical skill will catch up to my enthusiasm.

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