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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Old House Nuts

"early door-case with highish architrave"
'What are you doing?" politely inquired the cyclist meandering about an almost-in-the-country street at the edge of Merrickville. He had to circle a bit, as I too was meandering in the middle of the shady street, with my little camera, falling in love with this intersection of early houses.

Katherine Ashenburg compliments their "handsome simplicity" and notes "some stripped-down countrified Greek Revival touches; returning eaves, deep cornices and cornerboard like vestigial pilasters".

"finely moulded cornice
 I confessed to being an old house nut, gave the fellow my card, and invited him (and his University of Calgary art history student daughter of whom he is very proud) to visit 'ancestralroofs'.

Like us, my pleasant cyclist was camping, and enjoying that slower pace that tricks us into thinking we'll have time to follow through on all of our holiday inspirations.

I wonder if they will visit?

 I am delighted at the care that two of the owners have taken to restore the homes, retaining their heritage elements, and am hopeful for the third.

Notice that 305 is for sale?

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