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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Urban Barn

I love barns. Standing derelict on uncultivated farms, bleached boards and rusted sheet metal, inspiration for photographers and painters. Abandoned barns always create a touch of nostalgia for me, conjuring happy farm childhood days and a lost way of life.

This lovely structure in Deseronto captured my attention. I didn't investigate its uses, but it's still in good condition. What's interesting to me is that it's a short walk from Main Street, just across the park from the site of the Rathbun home. What's its story, I wonder?

Come to think of it, I often notice a  barn (or machine shop, carriage house or drive shed) sitting behind or to one side of a fine old home, just out of sight of visitors, waiting to be useful.

I know you'll ask, wish I could recall

I recall one in Madoc, but did I take its photo? No, I was looking for fine houses, and completely missed the opportunity to take a photo of a lovely piece of architectural history. I shall return, little barn.

Glen Williams - plank on plank


  In the meantime, to get me started, here are   a few more appealing and functional buildings I  photographed in towns.

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