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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bath Time

Ron Tasker, June 2012, recounting house history 

I have just heard from my friends at Frontenac Heritage Foundation that the esteemed gentleman Mr. Ron Tasker extends a welcome to friends of heritage miracles (members of FHF) at his home in Bath this coming Saturday, November 16. The venerable Ham House (c.1819) which has figured in this humble epistle on occasion, has recently been transformed thanks to the vision, the expertise and the industry of said gentleman. This visit will be an bracing antidote to the disheartening news on the heritage front in recent months.

Ham House - pre-rescue

The email notification was good enough to provide a link to this blog, for which I thank the administrator.

And should the rich history of Ham House and its rehabilitation prove inadequate (which I sincerely doubt), a walk around historic Bath will round out a fine and historic day.

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  1. Kinda jealous....wish I was in the Bath area to see the Ham House. I'm sure it would a pleasure to see. I was in a neat 1845 brick house today, in Aurora. The grounds were quite amazing in the sense that the house sat on the hill, which was some distance from the road (yonge st.). It was a place that kept its integrity and allowed one a glimpse of how the house was 170 years ago. I noticed how nice the windows were, and actually thought of your post a few days ago re: windows and how essential they are when it comes to historic properties.

    BTW, I posted a neat article on Peter stokes, but maybe I didn't do it properly. It hasn't surfaced on your website here. Keep up the good work !