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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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the mill on the Black

Readers of this tribute to old houses no doubt know how taken I am with Queensborough, Ontario.  After our first visit on a raw cold February day in 2012, during which I contracted a cold getting 'just one more shot,' I published this account of my love-at-first-sight visit, and later, these observations on its fine hotel.

a brown study

But by far, the most sincere paean to the hamlet is the 'Meanwhile, at the Manse' journal of Katherine Sedgwick. Her reflections on life past and present in the village are a daily-but-for-Sundays treat.

Katherine's Remembrance Day tribute to a local lad lost during the final days of WWI is heartbreakingly beautiful.

rare 16 over 16 sash windows!
community spirit restored this old schoolhouse

The other day I noticed an announcement in the Hastings County Historical Society newsletter, 'Outlook'. The November issue of 'Outlook' should be online at the Society's website shortly, if you haven't access to a print copy. The announcement introduces the Queensborough Community Centre's 'Historic Queensborough', a 16-page tour of the historic spot on the historic Black River.
shopping was grand in the day

corner door to (once) corner store

The village of Queensborough now has, most deservedly, a walking tour guide. Doubtless written by Katherine, whose writing cred is well-established, and Elaine Kapusta that most boosterish of community boosters, the guide promises to bring me - and many others who will become enchanted by this historical spot - back, again and again.

Ian Taylor's meditative video of the Black River near Queensborough reminds us that water which inspires reverie today once powered nineteenth century industrial complexes like the village's mill site.
imagine how lovely the mill pond would be in spring? Autumn?

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely photos of Queensborough (and that link to Ian Taylor's video of the Black River), Lindi! And also of course for your kind words about our little Queensborough walking-tour booklet. As it says on the cover: we are proud of our historic hamlet. I am so glad that you (an unmatched arbiter of things heritage/historic) also have fallen under its spell!