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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ontario Cottage Life

15 Julia Street
The Ontario Cottage has always been with us. A July day in Port Hope provides ample proof of that. It's fascinating how a few simple elements; hip roof, often with a centre gable,a  symmetrical facade, single or one and a half storey size, and a limited vocabulary of decorative options, can produce such a wealth of delights.

Sometimes the "Regency" refinements of picturesque settings, French windows and encircling verandahs make the journey with street map in hand even more rewarding.
tiny perfect house

15 Julia Street is a delight, set at right angles to the leafy street on its own park-like setting.
I like the colour

Many of the Port Hope cottages are painted in this bright black and white. Love the haughty finial and detail above the fanlight over the porch.

There's something comical about this prim little well-loved home, with its tall narrow French windows with panel below.

Classical pilasters, basement kitchen below
9 Church Street (c.1850)

Katherine Ashenburg in her handy walking tour resource 'Going to Town' mentions this delicious cottage on Church Street with the requisite centre gable and finial. The lovely Regency door and large sash windows are bested only by the slightly exotic Tudor-arched transom.

for sale - staging suggestion: remove cooker?

172 Dorset Street West

These two c.1860/65 red brick Dorset Street neighbours occupy the lower part of the hill that leads to posher and newer homes above. The centre peaked gable takes the form of a triangular dormer, with a fanlight. Both are exquisitely maintained and landscaped.

166 Dorset Street West

The house with the white fence adopts the Regency cottage elements of French windows opening onto a spacious verandah. With its hillside location, it's perfect and picturesque.

Charles Street at Julia

According to McBurney and Byers, I must have the following on my to view list for next time: Richard Trick House 254 Ridout Street, The Belvedere at 95 Augusta, "and the cottage at the end of Little Hope Street" - what a great address for a pessimist!

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