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"In Praise of Older Buildings"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Look, Jerry, look. Look and see!

Did anyone learn to read from the Alice and Jerry readers when they were in Grade one? Siblings Alice and Jerry prompted each other, albeit in a rather stilted language occasioned by the limited sight vocabulary of their readers, to look about themselves and see the world. A study of architecture makes one a looker, and a see-er of details. As an individual with a global-holistic style learning style, I have always experienced exquisite old houses in their entirety, and my response has has run to wonder, longing, a sense of loss, response has been deeply emotional. I've noticed that after a winter of study and revisiting my history of architecture library from as far back as my undergrad art history courses, my response is changing. It's no less emotional, but now it's supported by a rational checklist of ways to see ....what style, what roof, what doorway, what windows, what brick or stonework, what finish details....Look, look and see!


  1. Ahh, for me it was Dick and Jane - proximity of my school to the US border, I expect. Developing the habit of looking more closely for details takes time but, I'll bet once one has formed it, it becomes automatic. Seems to take a lot of reminding in my case. Look up, Dick. See the roof. See the door. Look, Dick, look.