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Thursday, April 14, 2011

School's Out

The preservation fight for the Brighton school has me thinking about, and looking at, schools. I don't know much about school design of the early days of the last century, but there is definitely a classical pattern here that I will investigate when I have some research time. I have some great resources in my personal library, and love it when I discover a reason to bury myself in books (my dear mum's frequent complaint about me when I was a sprog). Guess I should commit myself to the research and the writing of an article for one of my local heritage publications. Maybe cycling around and getting photos of a few others in town - Queen Victoria, the Loyola Learning Centre on Octavia, the Ann Street offices of HPEDSB...never too soon to capture memories of some of these structures, as our distressing loss of BCI taught us.
Just back from an unsuccessful search through some old photos, looking for a shot of my own little elementary school, S.S.#3 North Marysburg. I really must get over there, and take a few photos before the poor little thing collapses. A lot of what I am today started out in that plain little building - 7 years, 8 grades, one teacher.

lower left: Brighton Public/High school 1915
lower right: Trenton high school 1914

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