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Monday, July 9, 2012

Rogues and Scoundrels

Always wondered: why all the fuss about Newburgh?
Yesterday, on our way to Charleston Lake PP, we had a ramble around the village.
And found out why.

Last night, I checked out Abebooks, keen to pick up a copy of Stokes' and Cruikshank's 'Rogue's Hollow', to absorb their scholarship and echo their enthusiasm for the village and its architecture - and find out who the rogues were (always attracted to folks with a story).

Oops - a little outside my budget. Today I hied myself off to the Belleville Public Library website to request it.

Newburgh Academy has a great photo of the 1959 grade one and two classes outside this impressive limestone building. It was opened in 1853 as the Newburgh Academy, gutted by fire in 1872, refurbished later and used as a high/elementary school, then an elementary only, and closed in 1965.

Today it houses apartment dwellers - lucky them.
Study in texture
  So, while I wait for my library book....

Working class hero

Hooper's Mill

Early brick dignified by ashlar quoins - parapet walls

Still waiting...reliving my day lily day in Newburgh.
Looking forward to an autumn colour visit.
And perhaps a snow-blanketed winter day. 

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