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Monday, August 13, 2012

'til the next time I'm in town

Credit to Chet Atkins for the title...from Neck and Neck, a lovely album with Mark Knopfler. A 'see you again' song I played every weekend, when I commuted each Sunday night from North Bay to Belleville for work - saying goodbye to my family and our 18-something log house.

This next-time promise is for long-time friends La and Doug, whom I just dropped at the station, after 4 lovely days of catch-up and what-if. Old Belleville houses played a large part in the conversation.

So here you are guys - til the next time you're in town.


  1. I've enjoyed all the new posts! These photos, combined with your tale of 'helping' TO friends shop for an OEH house, have renewed my intention to get us there, too.

  2. Great to have you posting regularly again, now that your book project is past! It is fun to catch up with what you've been up to on the architecture and heritage front. But today I am utterly in awe of you for having commuted weekly between North Bay and Belleville. As I type this I am exhausted from a four-hour drive from Queensborough (in the heart of Hastings County) to back home in Montreal, and cannot fathom making a much longer drive once a week (and back). Superhuman, and truly awesome! How did you do it?

  3. How did I do it...well, I was younger :-)
    Thanks for coming to visit me regularly at AR.
    One day we'll visit in person!