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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Raise a Glass II

I love writing for (and reading) local magazines!

My work on the re-purposed mill articles has taken me into all sorts of great spots I might never have visited, and a couple that I had been longing to see all my life.

The current issue of County and Quinte Living magazine, available at selected locations around the area (and online), gave me an opportunity to enjoy food and libations at two great local gathering places.

Cascades Pub and Grill occupies the old grist mill in Consecon. The original majestic stone mill burned many years ago. There's a photo of it in 'The Settler's Dream'. *

Denis chatting up the barmaid/proprietor Deanna

 In fine weather you can enjoy the sun on the deck  overlooking the creek. The day we had lunch there a massive heron whomped up the creek, just feet  above the water. His place.

a working dam at Cascades

 The old millpond extends as far as Main Street; as you travel beside it (should you be looking for vestiges of Greek Revival detailing in the oldest and 'unimproved' local houses) you can't help but notice the numbers of trees being felled by beavers.
sign on the dance-floor
creekside window/open mike stage

Rick and Deanna Furber are the hosts, and they are dedicated to the place. Nice folks. Go have a chat. A Waupoos Cider. A Molson's. Some pub food.

Meet the locals. Kick your feet up on the dancefloor. Play a free game of pool.

* In the unlikely event that you are unaware of this resource, here's a nice backgrounder on the new edition and some good heritage advice, thanks to

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