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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Before and after

These two photos followed one after another on my screensaver slideshow.

I love the juxtaposition.

The first is found at Upper Canada Village, to which it made the trek in 1958. Originally, it was the 1825  home of the McDougal family of Glengarry County.

This confection with the ogee-arched entrance porch is the greenhouse in the gardens of Spadina House in Toronto, the home of financier James Austin and his family from 1866. The house and gardens are recreated as a museum depicting a  life the inhabitants of the home above could never have imagined, the life of the wealthy and privileged in the era between the two great wars. Think Downton Abbey series 3. Starting in 45 minutes, you say? Must dash.

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  1. I am reading this just before I get to the premiere of Downton Abbey Season 3 myself (delayed 24 hours because of company for dinner Sunday night). Can't wait! I've always loved those elaborate 19th-century greenhouses; they make me think of, I don't know, Brighton (England) and celebratory times – and having architectural fun with glass!