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Monday, April 29, 2013

Wish you were Here

I'm just back from a wonderful few days in Toronto, visiting with my oldest dearest friend, and exploring some wonderful neighbourhoods with my camera. Friday we boarded the ferry to the Toronto Islands, and stepped off into a different world. So much is written about the island ambience that I won't even try! Just imagine looking at Toronto from this perspective, every day.

Doesn't seem possible does it? There's more. No cars but for a few service vehicles providing full Toronto city services. Tree-lined paths, lush informal gardens, wild spaces of woods and marsh and beach. Cottages of every vintage dating back to the 1920's, I'm thinking. A pleasing number aren't even updated, sporting insulbrick and shingle siding. Some are rugged style individualists. Most are smallish and unpretentious.

We like our city very much in the background

Residents commute by bicycle to the foot of Bay Street, arriving at the feet of the looming towers. These same behemoths are reduced to  a painted backdrop once they return home with their carriers full of groceries. It looks idyllic, but must be challenging sometimes. Clearly, the benefits would outweigh any number of rough rainy-day crossings, or winter blizzards.

My great friend would love to live here. So I picked this Ward Island cottage for her. There's much much more to come about my love affair with Toronto's neighbourhoods.

But for now, let's have a cup of lemon-ginger tea in this sunny garden and think our island thoughts.


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  2. Thanks Lindi - wonderful. I once did a photo assignment when I was a student. It was in the middle of winter. and so quiet with just the wind and the sound of the lake. Quite a magical place