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"In Praise of Older Buildings"

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rain, rain

In the absence of time and inspiration this dull drizzly morning, I'm posting something bright and cheery to keep my old house spirits up (and maybe yours too). These bright beauties live in Mahone Bay and Lunenburg. Could use a street like this to amble down to beat back the dull day lurgies.

They may not be masterpieces (the photos, not the houses) but they're cheery.

And if you're bored, find the matching pair.


  1. Ah, so you're still alive. Good to see you back here. What dull day? Sunny here in redneck country.

  2. Those are very happy houses. Enough to cheer anyone up!

  3. I shouldn;t have come I wanna go there. For real. More history than any single town should have. The story of 14 yr.-old Sophie mcLachlan is interesting....

    The Mader's building (shown above) has a nice patio in the back of it, if you can get a table ! And L'burg doesn't get enough credit for its stock of houses made of coulisse construction. One of the older built heritage peculiarities is York Cottage. It is not of coulisse construction, so far as I know, but there are indications the house was built by the French, when L'burg was previously known as Merligueche.

    I thought this was a painting when i first it, but its a photograph:

    The Purdy Picnic sounds nice. If I can get up that weekend, I will visit the A-frame.