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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Scotsmen of Brighton Township

 Northumberland County. Sun and brisk air, winding roads that climb and swoop, green and pleasant farms and woodlands turning to fall colour. What a way to spend a day. And yesterday I did, in the company of a woman who knows her township and her history. A woman of Scots heritage, who delighted me with tales of the local folk, and sightings of well-crafted stone houses of the settlement in Brighton and next-door Seymour townships.
Fogorig mill

I plan to return soon - history is everywhere in the Northumberland hills. People with deep roots in the old country transplanted them here, made buildings to last, and history to tell. A good place to look back, and see forward.

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow." Robert Louis Stevenson.



  1. I was in Northumberland Co. 2 days ago.....from Cobourg up to Hastings. The latter was a nice little town....wish I had spent some time there (we breezed through it). At one point we stopped to gas up, and I was shocked (for real !) by the silence. There wasn't a sound for 10 seconds or more. It was disturbing !

  2. But disturbing in a very nice way, right?
    I love the twin Queen Anne's in Hastings.
    I was talking about Hastings with the lady I travelled around with yesterday. She noticed the river was really low south of Campbellford, and announced - "they'll have to take another log out of the dam in Hastings."