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Thursday, December 19, 2013

big city...little bits

Having so much fun with my close-ups yesterday (and avoiding a serious post on Neo-classical architecture which I am studying at the moment), led me to procrastinate further by looking around my photo files for Toronto 'close-ups.'

Because Toronto is SO big, one just has to look at it a tiny bit at a time, to keep from being overwhelmed.

Here are some favourites.

Maybe I'll leave it to you to identify them.
Admittedly, some give some fairly helpful clues.

.Am I alone in this?
 I have to ask.

Last year a magazine I write for featured a number of my photos of elements of local buildings with the title "The Angels in the Details. It was a contest of sorts. 'Archi-bits' were posted, along with a fun rating scale based on the number correctly identified. There were to be prizes. To my knowledge, nobody played.

 I know I'm not totally alone. One faithful follower of the blog admits to a similar affliction.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm, lets see:

    Colborne lodge
    union stn
    Ont legislature
    osgoode hall
    ???...maybe old childrens hospital @ college/bay or U of T ??
    library @ college/Huron
    no idea
    St. Stephens In the Fields