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Monday, January 27, 2014

"A Select Society with Some Fine Houses"*

As the temperatures promised to be inhospitable during my visit to Cobourg last week, I decided to be strategic, and plan my walkabout through the heritage preservation district. Glad I did. Not just because in so doing I avoided hypothermia, but because in the process I discovered some amazing Cobourg resources.

Kudos to the ACO for the walking tour I downloaded, and to whoever added this helpful designated properties list to Googlemaps, and to Cobourg Public Library for the Cobourg and District images pages - hundreds of photos of important and interesting buildings from the 1960's and 70's- and some very old ones - all public domain!

I felt very welcome in Cobourg. And I will be back. I might wait for crocuses, or maybe even hyacinths. Or possibly lilacs. Peonies. These lovely houses will look even more beautiful with their flower beds filled.

*And thanks as always to Katherine Ashenburg for her fine walking tour guide Going to Town, which has been my constant companion on many a small-town wander and whose sampling of  Catherine Parr Traill's comment I have borrowed.

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