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Friday, June 9, 2017

City Mouse Country Mouse

Brookfield Place -  Calatrava meets Midland Commercial Bank
I have had two of the loveliest days. The weather's been sunny and hot, the company convivial, and discoveries lurked around every corner. Bright new trees, sun on stone and glass, people shedding layers and squinting into the sun, winter hunched shoulders gradually relaxing.

Yet my photo excursions could not have been more different. On Wednesday I spent eight lovely hours in the company of long-time friend Larry, who loves Toronto. It's catching. He knows Toronto. And is willing to share.
We wandered Front and King Streets and connecting routes, with stops for historical plaques, for food and beverage, for rests, for photos. Lots and lots. Larry's original and beautiful images will appear in due course on his blog Making Eye Statements. Mine will trickle out in dribs and drabs here, along with local lore and some architectural smart remarks. 

Wilton School (1871)
On Thursday, I was invited to the tiny limestone village of Wilton to meet with the new owner of the old schoolhouse. We shared life stories, enjoyed tea overlooking the pond, toured beautiful home and garden. Wilton will appear again soon, also.

This is the time of year where, like a squirrel harvesting for winter, I make photo forays to capture the exquisite built heritage of our province. Later, when grey rain streaks my windows, I will put fingertips to keys. In the meantime, I will savour these two wonderful spots, and invite you to join me.

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