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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Or is it just me...?

I've spent hours this wonderful fall, wandering Kingston streets within a half-hour or so of KGH. One reason is the biological imperative. As non-patients are forbidden access to the comforts of the hospital, one must hike to either the top of City Park, or the extreme west end of Breakwater Park, a heart-healthy 20 to 25 minutes away. There is an evil genius at work. Upon arriving at one biffy, signs often direct the sufferer to the other, maintenance being promised. Nevertheless, there is plenty to see (a needed distraction) on the quest. And this house along King Street never fails to delight me. I tried several times last week to capture the classical calm, the brilliant foliage, and the shadow, all of which put me in mind of one of Lauren Harris' early Toronto houses. Sadly, trees on either side prevented me getting what I wanted (the theme of the walk.) Streetview did a rather better job, actually, from the intersection, safer in a vehicle than on foot. But really, is not the genius in the light? 

If I may, a couple of Harris houses to make the point. 


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