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Friday, May 6, 2011

Che Bella Cosa

Simple things amaze me. Without regret I have let the technological revolution stampede past me, probably while I was looking at something nineteenth century growing from a rough-hewn stone foundation. I have readily eschewed PDA's, Blackberries, iPads, MP3 players, GPS, texting, tweeting, and doubtless, dozens of other life-saving electronic inventions. Mind you, I must admit I don't know how I survived before that remedy for the terminally curious, Google!

The simple thing that amazes me is our scanner. Not only do I love the power of house-hold photocopying, but it is a sheer joy to be able to translate old photos into digitally accessible images for admiring and sharing. Last week, during a bout of the lurgies, I sat in my bathrobe (I know, TMI) and scanned all the important (ie. architectural) photos from our 1995 Italy trip. It's great to be able to see these images screen-size, to enhance or eliminate details depending on their importance to my quest.

It's also super to be able to check on the names, dates etc. for buildings which my guide-books did not note, or which the photographer forgot to record. Sharing some favourite images here. Another neat by-product of my time over a glowing scanner. As Martha would say, "Che bella cosa".

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