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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nothing is Forever

Nothing is forever...with Blogger. I am feeling especially curmudgeonly this weekend. Blogger is broken and my most recent posts and photos have disappeared. Reading the commentary on the Help forums has been interesting - curmudgeonly is definitely one of the calmer responses to this mini-catastrophe. So much timeless prose...lost. Maybe forever. Below the radar on the scope of the disasters facing our world. I know. Stuff happens. Get over it.

But I hate doing things twice. I have always liked moving on. So, several conversations with some very fine folk whom I've met lately - the owner of a unique stone house near Myrtle, and several citizens of the truly lovely Glen Williams - will have to wait 'til I'm motivated to repeat myself. And who knows, maybe Blogger will find my stuff and put it back where they found it.

L. John Calder House, 1886, near Whitby
R. The Copper Kettle pub, 1825 general store, Glen Williams

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  1. I love that decorative brickwork on the upper storey of the general store! Back in the days when people had the time to make more than just functional buildings.