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Friday, December 9, 2011

The shape you're in*

This project started out with a search for octagonal houses, after a walk around Picton and rediscovery of the brick house at left.. Thought it would be fun to learn a bit more about that Fowler chap, and his theories about building. Already knew of two octagons in Picton. Had a distant memory of another one - or two?- in Ameliasburgh. The Settler's Dream gave me all I needed to know about that foursome. A visit to Krista and Kelly at the PEC Archives in Wellington provided me with photos of the two now lost to us. John Rempel published a most comprehensive and erudite account of octagons/round buildings (including dead houses and outdoor privies) in Building with Wood (1967).

However....the story I'm working on is for the Hastings County Historical Society. I need Hastings County octagons! So I've spent a day at the Hastings County Historical Society/Community Archives in Cannifton, with my building researcher/friend Lois...and what we discovered will be available for your enjoyment and edification in the January issue of Outlook.

left: King Street, Picton.
right: Main Street West, Picton

title: *apologies to Eric Clapton.

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