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"In Praise of Older Buildings"

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rapunzel would NOT be pleased

High Park Road area

King Street West

1897 Wilcox House, Picton - hexagonal turret 

Bell-Riggs House (c.1855), Belleville - Tuscan Villa

good spot for an owl

Lewis-Wallbridge house (c.1872), Belleville

Miller House (1880), Glen Miller near Trenton

Hochelaga Inn (1879), Kingston

1920, Belleville

1907, Belleville
King Street West, Toronto

Isn't it interesting how so many architectural styles draw on the tower to distinguish themselves?...the way we used to don identical uniforms of denim and tie-dye to be unique.
Parkdale medieval

Edwardian/Period revival, Romanesque Revival, Queen Anne (tower 'de rigeur'), Tuscan villa (watchtower  a must-have, never know when trouble will arise), the eclectic Italianate/Second Empire 'I'll take one of everything' for the upwardly mobile c.19 merchant, they all have that tower in common.

Perhaps it's human nature, to want to cocoon in a safe place and look down on the world passing by.


  1. A post of towering proportions! You're not suffering from Turret's Syndrome, are you?

    1. Awwwkkkk! Oh, well, perhaps.
      Good on you for grasping the arcane meaning behind the photo layout :-)