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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Harrowing Experience

We visit Harrowsmith often. I always look forward to revisiting the village's unique limestone buildings. I dare say a great deal has been written about them - I haven't come upon any of it, to date.

What I love about the stone-builders of this town is how they used the two colours of limestone available to them, to create buildings which celebrate that fact...'stripes' and 'checks' (because really what else can you say?), contrasting door and window lintels or quoins. A quite unusual grouping of fine stone buildings, which I look forward to seeing, each time we drive through on our way to Richard's.
Some time I really must insist that we stop, to get the skinny on this delightful stone town. And I'll try to pick a moment when a long evening sun warms these old stones, to try to capture how beautiful they are.

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