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Friday, February 22, 2013

To the Trains

As we leave the great hall of the ticket area in Union Station, and descend to the rumbling departures netherworld , the decor changes from classical to more Art Deco inspired. I suspect this has a great deal to do with the span of years during which this temple to travel was under construction.
The suitability of the streamlining imagery to the world of travel would have been irresistible by the 1920's.

This image conjures up the age of industrial iron and glass...reminiscent of loud and smoky, damp and draughty Victorian train stations. The picturesque handiwork of moisture on limestone walls and the elegantly sculptured vine moulding above the arched window with metal quatrefoil mullions compensates.

A last look back at the great hall's opulence underlines the difference in mood.

Wonderful  light...

Straight-forward stylized lettering. Steerhead motif? Thistles on the console.

A vaguely Egyptian motif in a side hall off the ramp down to the departure level.  No other stylistic cousins in the place. I wonder what the story was here? A project for an apprentice?

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