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Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Spiritual Home - found it yesterday

Yesterday I was introduced to a home perfect in all ways - an early house, set in sloping lawns under the largest and most elegant black locust trees I've ever seen, with the water of the Bay of Quinte lapping at its feet, and one of the few unchanged sections of the original Danforth Road running outside the front door.
the view over the Reach
A history I walked along the shady gravel, with lush fence-lines on either side, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Tingles. Old souls here.
a side entrance to the tall stone basement

 Although the house needs some work, a building inspection reportedly found the windows as square as the day they were installed.The doorcase, with its half-sidelights, suggests a very early house indeed.

somebody cared to rebuild good chimneys

 The friend who showed me the place says that it may be coming on the market soon. It will need that special buyer...and God forbid, not someone who will raze this piece of early Loyalist history (it is said to be the town lot selected by the surveyor who laid out the Loyalist lots pre-1784) to build a monster home.
black locust majesty

the Danforth Road at my doorstep

Could this be your home?

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