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Friday, December 5, 2014

Can't get no Respect

The other day, following a construction detour, I passed through a very early neighbourhood of workman-like homes. As I paused at a stop sign, I caught a glimpse of a very fine classical door surround on a very simple house facade.

a 16x16 sash window, Queensborough

 I didn't get a photo, but the memory of that really exquisite entrance on a plain little house in a rather pedestrian neighbourhood made me think - unappreciated. Can't get the respect it deserves. At any rate, that little doorway with its crisp entablature has inspired a post.

And this post is, or will be, an album of fine old homes going unnoticed in their genteel poverty, or high style details forgotten as a once-elegant structure ages, not, perhaps, gracefully. Or is added onto unsympathetically, or is modernized, obliterating stylish details to which a craftsman once devoted days.Of beautifully fashioned buildings in neglect.

I will add to it from time to time. I'm not criticizing owners, or suggesting my taste is superior somehow. This is between me and the old places themselves. Just wanted to let them know I noticed how lovely they are.

For today, and until I have captured that fine doorway, here are a few.

When I revisit, I will add some details on each photo. For now, I offer them to you. Share the love.

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