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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Deco Dilemma

Have you ever 'lost' a library book that you just cannot live without, to avoid having to relinquish it on the due date? No, me neither.

Not likely my conscience would let me, but I have in my temporary possession (6 days more and counting) one very good candidate for such larceny.

I've got it on Interlibrary loan from its home in King City library.

And nobody loves it like I do. It has been circulating about once a year since the author provided a copy of his 2009 work to that branch (and most others in the Toronto area.)

It's signed by the author, Tim Morawetz.

It's in that fresh new print smelling condition.

And it is the most authoritative book I've ever found on Art Deco/ Art Moderne architecture.

I love the language the author  has at his disposal, describing the details of the Toronto Deco buildings he features.

Pored over it with that "wish I'd said that" longing for his expertise.

The book is called Art Deco Architecture in Toronto. And it is not available anymore. Anywhere.

So. Here's the pitch. If you know of a copy lying underappreciated on a bookshelf, or in a used bookstore somewhere, do send me a line. Put Tim and me together.

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