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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Country Comforts

You know I love barns. Earlier this year, when I went on about urban barns, and way back in 2011, when Blogger didn't provide today's generous photo storage, I have reminisced about barns. Grew up on a farm. It's that simple.

So it was an absolute treat last week, to accompany neighbour Elaine back to her family farm, to see what her son Geoff, Michelle and their boys have created there.

Fall colours, warm sun, weathered barns and rail fences, friendly farm dogs, trails leading off through woods and along fence lines, welcoming and warm hosts. Would that not have been enough?

Well, no. On this farm, situated at the joining of Hastings and Lennox &Addington counties, Geoff and Michelle have created a unique getaway, the Barn Loft.  The old hip-roofed barn has been rescued, given new cladding of fresh lumber, and fitted up inside as the most unique suite ever. Pairing up the best of country - natural stone, old barn timbers, native lumber, a cozy woodstove and old fashioned cookstove, views over acres of unspoiled countryside - with the comforts of city - hot tub, a rain shower, art, a super comfortable bed (I have that on good authority - their guest comments) the couple have created a one of a kind getaway for weary urbanites, homesick country types and folks looking for a unique spot to unwind.

The photos in this post are just outside the front door of the suite. The smiling dogs will be there too. Michelle tells me they get excited when she begins cleaning and preparing for guests - and take up their position outside the barn door as welcoming commttee. Carson and Chunk and their cats warmly welcome others of their furry race.

So...have you been waiting for me to say 'adaptive reuse'? Can you think of a better way to save, and share, our amazing agricultural heritage? I am so grateful to Geoff and Michelle for showing me around. I can only imagine that warmth extended to a stay of several days.

I didn't include any photos of the BarnLoft, knowing that there would be more (and better) on the Airbnb site. And there are - not just golden autumn days, but bright green spring, deep snow and hot summer. And enough interior shots to help you imagine yourself in a comfy barn deep in the quiet country near Tamworth, Ontario.

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  1. I'm surprised that barn conversions haven't caught on more here. It's such enormous business in the UK. Sounds like Elaine's family have hit the mark.