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Monday, May 29, 2017

They don't make 'em like this....

Our James Bay walking tour guide (no, not that James Bay, rather the beautifully treed and gardened neighbourhood within walking distance of Victoria's iconic spots - the Provincial Legislature, the Empress Hotel, the Inner Harbour, the historic downtown, that James Bay) featured two early-for-Victoria structures, must-see places that we came upon in our many walkabouts, when we visited that wonderful garden city in April. April folks, and everything was in bloom. Heady stuff.

The area's built heritage was fascinating. Not ancient, granted. Not Sienna or Orvieto here, And new, even on Canada's relatively short time-line. And frame, not much stone or brick. But why would you, there are all those trees? And it is all lovely. Truly lovely.

There are so many spots I'll share, once I have synchronized my memory, my photos, and the various print resources we came away with. For now. An absolute. The 1861 villa 'Woodlands'. "The oldest surviving residence still in use in James Bay." Italian Villa style, build of California redwood. From the Victoria Heritage Foundation walking tour guide:

Built for a Hudson's Bay Company employee (likely not entry level) and altered in 1909 by Victoria name-to-know Samuel Maclure. Owners won a heritage award in 1992.

Looked for additional information. Searches of worthy Ontario houses often turn up a heritage designation with all sorts of info. Searching for Woodlands Victoria got me links to condos and new-built houses. Suggests the Victoria Heritage Foundation and old house enthusiasts in the area have had their work cut out for them. Kudos to you folks, for what you have saved from development. It is just lovely.

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