Ancestral Roofs

"In Praise of Older Buildings"

Thursday, July 21, 2011

stay cool

A simple homestead in Sidney township...shelter for a farm family and their livestock. A windbreak around the house to provide some respite from hard winter winds. Crops and pasture protected from the cold by a coverlet of snow, drifting into patterns. A proud accomplishment, wrestling a small living from a hard country almost two centuries ago.

As I stand on the roadside in bright sun, the wind adding a keen edge to the temperature of minus 21 celsius, I am anxious to return to the shelter of the car, but also feel blessed by the incredible variety of Canadian seasons, and embrace them all.

On this day when Ontarians gasp in 34 to 39 degrees and high humidity, I am appreciating being able to travel back to this little farmstead in January.


  1. Even though I'm not a winter lover, as you know, there's something so stunningly beautiful about that pristine snow and intense blue sky. Good capture.

  2. I think I brought the hot, humid weather to the UK with me; at least it arrived several days after I did. There were a couple of uncomfortable ones earlier this week. Not sure if I fooled myself, but I think when I was reading your post and looking at those lovely chilling photos, I felt better! Have been thinking of you often with the surfeit of ancient buildings and interesting embellishments all around me.