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Sunday, January 1, 2012

...with a fist-sized rock

Harrington Road
Before I leave the topic of cobblestone buildings for good (for now), I just want to mention my admiration for the folks who gathered round stones one by one from fields on glacial moraines, or from creekbeds and the Lake Ontario shores to dignify their simple homes with cobblestone facing. I've written a few articles about this building/art form over the past few months. One I'm particularly fond of (since, at the editor's request, it pushed me outside my comfort zone to interview owners of cobblestone houses in Hastings County) is in the winter edition of Country Roads magazine, a great publication celebrating this wonderful county.

I'll leave the last word to John Rempel, whose great resource book 'Building with Wood: and other aspects of nineteenth-century building in central Canada' is just SO WRONG on the subject of cobblestone building. With all due respect, Mr. Rempel, Hastings County would like to take issue with the following assertion : "In Ontario, this cobblestone veneer occurs only in two places: In and around the town of Paris, and at Baldwin on Highway 48." (page 282)

 Mr. Boughton, meet Mr. Wickett.
Vermilyea Road
Roblin Road

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  1. This, and the Country Roads article, were such an enjoyable - not to mention informative - read. Keep doing what you're doing, please!