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Friday, November 29, 2013

PJS will never be dead...

Our mother often used an odd expression to convey her confidence that people who had gone to their reward would always be remembered, in the appearance, behaviour or accomplishments of those still living.

The Rankin Family did a really good job of conveying the sentiment in this song.

 Mom would say: "[dearly departed] will never be dead as long as you're alive."

I'm thinking about Peter John Stokes today. His was a phenomenal life which many have written about since his death. This obit sums up his huge accomplishments.

One of my favourite books is A Village Arising (2011). Stokes' account of the planning, the personalities, and the politics behind the creation of Upper Canada Village reveals his puckish, irascible nature, absolutely committed to heritage principles - and downright outspoken when the occasion called for it.

Places like Niagara-on-the- Lake and Port Hope will always recall Stokes' huge influence - on our towns, and our awareness of our built heritage. Few communities failed to call on Mr. Stokes for his opinions on their historic buildings - including my building researcher friends in Belleville.

Although these photos don't do the historic Port Hope downtown justice, (the iconic St. Lawrence Hotel and its victory over developers is missing) they'll do til next visit.

Peter John Stokes will never be dead as long as Port Hope is alive. And it is. Very.

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