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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Run of the Mill

Faithful correspondent Mark just observed that Ontario is blessed with a plenitude of old mills. I admit there are still many of them unvisited on my life list, but lately, thanks to a series my County and Quinte Living magazine editor Catherine has entrusted me with over the past few months, I have spent time in some mills that I have long admired.
 Above, the Burrell Axe Factory which is believed to have been part of the Captain John Meyers mill complex in Belleville. I got to talk about it in Summer 2013,

the Allen Robinson Mill in the Fall 2013 issue,

And the Clapp-Scott Mill, linked to our family's story, on  page 61 of the Summer 2013  issue.

Because I believe I have already given them my best in print, I include links to the issues of this fine magazine, where readers can find features on each of the mills I lovingly revisit here in photos.

Glenora's historic VanAlstine mills showed up in the Spring 2013 issue,

I got to enjoy the hospitality at the Old Stockdale Mill and the rolicking Cascades Pub in Consecon in the Winter 2012 issue.

And this is just a glimpse (the one that's captivated me for years until the interview gave me an opportunity to venture closer) of a mill in Northumberland County which I have written about for the Winter 2013 issue of County and Quinte Living.

"Catherine, am I allowed to say that?"
"No, shhh, not yet!"

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  1. Interesting piece about Peter stokes in the Globe´s Saturday obit section: