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Monday, May 19, 2014

Look up and enjoy life

I just searched for a quotation about looking up. And what I got was "look up and enjoy life." Lots of other appeals to look up and see the world around us. There's even a Facebook page called 'Lookupfromthephone'.

So. Look up. That pretty much sums up our Sunday afternoon, in company with some most congenial friends and members of ACO Quinte Branch, as we had a close look at Wellington, Prince Edward County, thanks to 'The Great Wellington Scavenger Hunt' created by members Evelyn and Doug.

As group member Marni put it "we need reminders to look up. We're so busy trudging along, watching the sidewalk, deep in thought, carrying our bundles." So, we all took a risk to be different, indeed likely a bit silly, as we trouped around the village in laughing groups, trading jibes with other members as we pretended to try to put them off the trail. Many of us had great chats with local folk who were delighted to find out what we were doing - and were most helpful with clues. Perhaps they were just relieved to find out we weren't casing the place.

On this delightful spring day, it was a treat to wander along Main, West, Maple, Noxon,Wharf and East streets, with determination*, looking for the real life version of architectural elements pictured in our guide.

(*my partner in life and old house searches proved to be most competitive)

 It was heartbreakingly joyful to see brilliant spring flowers at every turn, and to take a minute to ponder nature's wisdom in the different opening schedules observed by her trees and shrubs.
And at the end of the day - books. Past president and perennial hard worker David had provided a prize table loaded with books, so that we all got an award. Thanks to everyone who worked to make a very special day indeed.

ACO Quinte is well-known for their regular guided walks, and the ever popular scavenger hunts. Look them up :-) on Facebook. Better yet, find them at a meeting, and join!

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