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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On Raglan Road on an Autumn Day...

Today I had a perfect fall wander through the wandering streets of the village once called Picardville, in the  Raglan Road and Division Street area of Kingston. It is a delight of tiny streets bending and branching, cul-de-sacs and one-ways. Of fine old stone houses with parapet walls, newer infills, gentrified older homes, plain frame working class cottages, and a few old places that could have been here from the beginning - the core of the old village.

Picardville, according to Margaret Angus. Or French town? Residents Mary and Steve have heard it called that. Now its just one of the charming neighbourhoods of Kingston.

This is Skeleton Park. Now McBurney Park, it has some old stories to tell. Lots of tales await. Once the perfect weather ends and my camera and I come off the road.

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