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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tour Guides

Proctor House - 1853 house at left
I mentioned recently the outstanding work of the Brighton Digital Archives crew which is rounding up local history - from information on local histories, to links to municipal collections, to documents and photos loaned for scanning by citizens  - and making it available at the click of a mouse (well, that identifies my technology of choice, doesn't it?) Just check out the beautifully restored 1908 Fenton marriage certificate here.

Proctor house putting its 1869 face forward

While Catherine Stutt demonstrated the power of the site, my gaze settled on the link to Brighton's Heritage Homes, which I assume is the municipal heritage register for the town.
The White House (1873)

 Armed with that, a camera and two walking/driving tour guides produced by the municipal heritage advisory committee which I picked up at the History Open House, one fine sunny spring day will find me side-walk snooping in this lovely appealing town and environs.

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