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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Riverside Regency Romance

I've written about this perfect c1850 Regency Cottage before, in 2010 (before Blogger provided today's generous photo space) and 2014 (goodness, how time flies) when Shannon and Sabine came by to 'do' Classical Revival.

 It has all the elements: ground hugging profile, verandahs, lots of French doors, natural setting (if you ignore a busy road nearby) on Millhaven Creek, in a village with lots of early buildings and an historic mill.

Best thing about it right now is that it's for sale.

Gordon's Estate Services is now offering this beautiful piece of our built heritage for sale (and not to be indelicate, but you're not going to believe the price.) Follow the link for lots more photos and a virtual tour, and to reach Gordon's representative Nicky Breeze.

Oh, and did I mention that there's an Open House this Saturday, April 16th?


  1. Oh, I do love this house, but I do worry about the basement so close to the river. Everything is fine if the creek don't rise?
    (Posted form iPad)

  2. Thanks Larry, was wondering how comment-friendly Blogger was being.
    Yes'm. About that basement...