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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Steep Hill? You Bet

Lincoln Cathedral is visible from everywhere
Pretty much daily, I make up my mind to cancel my Facebook account, to stop the daily flood of disturbing news feeds and other wrongs over which I have no control. But then, news of a friend's accomplishments, or a nostalgic photograph or inspirational quote pops up, and I resolve to remain. For now.

I belong to several vintage groups, and appreciate the gems they share with the world. The Vintage News is fun. Just recently they posted a list of the the most picturesque and well preserved medieval streets in England. An invitation for a wander. And  happily, I had walked one of them,  my film camera in hand, in Den's home town of Lincoln. Back in 1987. Here are a few freshly-scanned views of Steep Hill.

Steep Hill, aptly named

where himself took guitar lessons as a boy
Lincoln, or Lindum Colonia, was a Roman town by the year 50; it became a retirement centre for Roman soldiers. As we wandered the steets on our several visits over 'ome, we spotted archeological diggings going on below street level, the work accessed by ladders down from street level. Truly, layers of history. The straight road from Lincoln to London was built over a Roman road. Here's a link if you want to see more.

The Jew's House - the oldest inhabited stone house in England

William the Conqueror ordered the building of the Cathedral and Castle.The exquisite Lincoln cathedral with its Norman front was consecrated in 1092

Makes Ontario settlement history seem like a very short story, indeed.


  1. Ah, Lindi, you've reignited the bug to travel to the UK, dang. I flatter myself that you might remember the post I did about our brief visit to Lincoln in 2012 when I was still writing UK Love Affair. The goal was to see the cathedral and we did but, regrettably, that was all we had time for, I'd so love to go again. Thanks for the lovely, tempting glimpses of Den's home town.

  2. Lately, we've been overtaken by stirrings of the urge to go back...some time soon. You?