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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lyre, lyre...

 Now this is interesting.
On Friday we wandered around an old stone area in Kingston, where I snapped this nice double house, loving the gardens and the ivy juxtaposed against the creamy Kingston limestone

A closer look revealed a keystone embellished with a relief carving of a lyre and the date 1880.  The house was across the street from a quite stupendous RC church. I made a mental note to do some digging, wondering if the home was affiliated with the church, and housed the organist or choirmaster at some point.

Then last night at an organ recital at Bridge Street United Church, that lyre again! I noted for the first time, the lyre in the magnificent stained glass west window above the tall pipes of the organ. The lyre, I have learned, has come to symbolize music in the praise of God. It's mentioned often in the Bible; Psalm 33 is a nice example.

just missed it...will get back soon to try again

Certainly praise was due last night. The inspiring sanctuary of Bridge Street United Church,  a centre for classical and sacred music concerts, hosted international virtuoso organist Janette Fishell in a very eclectic program. And Janette rocked the newly restored 1956 Casavant pipe organ.

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