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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

She's had work done...

One of the challenges of loving old houses, is that they are sometimes not entirely honest with you. They may have had a little touch-up, fixing up some ageing bits. They may have added some new updated detail to their look. Or they may have changed style entirely and had a complete makeover.

I had fun just now with this house at 15 Hilton Street in Hamilton. When I photographed it (in not the best light, but wanted the shots for later research) I thought I'd found some rare Prairie Style home with Art Deco designs.

But the laugh's on me. I had a walkabout on Streetview to have another look. And that view which I hope you can get to here shows the house in question beside its conventional neighbour - and its pre-makeover style. Clever people. Isn't this fun?


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