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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Free to good home

Well, not free exactly, but I made you look didn't I?
The 'good home' part is very definitely true.
I have written about the very historic Huffman-Smith house on Highway 33 between Adolphustown and Collins Bay, several times.
In my last post, I promised to let readers of this blog (and their historic house loving contacts) know when owner Malcolm Smith had listed the home.
Well, that's now.

Here's a link to the Gordon's Real Estate listing, with 61 photos of the place, the historic (c.1815) hand-made brick Conrad Huffman home, the Lake Ontario shoreline out front, the 50 acres of farmland surrounding it.
Muster up, heritage types.
This property needs to go to someone who will restore the rooms, value the historic detailing, keep its history alive, use the farmland for what it's intended...there are several vineyards in the area. Just saying. Not a housing development.

The link will give you all the details you need.

Like the $289,000 price tag. (Not to be indelicate, but if you sell your place in the Beach and buy here, you'll enjoy the leftover cash for life in your pocket.)
Like the Open House on May 23.

Thanks to Malcolm Smith, and his visionary hard-working parents for preserving the house, and its history.
Let's pay it forward.
Heritage house types, now is our hour! Let's be sure this house goes to the right owners.


  1. Oh, if only. How perfectly lovely and SO in need of that loving restoration.

  2. Beautiful old house and well deserving of restoration. I've been looking at old houses for quite some time. This one would be top of list except I'm not quite a fan of how close it is to the road and the road cutting in between the property and water. Hopefully someone saves it.