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Monday, March 16, 2015

No I don't want a Dentist!

 Lindsay readers, help me out here.

On our way out Kent Street West in Lindsay recently, we both fell in love with this Gothic Revival beauty, aloof on a wooded hill, just across from the hospital, looking down on speeding traffic and government and medical buildings.

Later, after several hours of walking about in the cold, my love insisted on driving back to this intersection to see if we could find out more. There's a sign along Kent with a street number - usually a tool to lookup more info on a historic property. Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, 317 Kent Street West. Nothing, absolutely nothing, except invitations to use the offered dental services, appeared during my decreasingly confident google search.

Ah, well, Perhaps there's a different residential address on the street along the other corner of the property. Adelaide. Nope. Even a snoop with Instant Street View yielded nothing. Then maybe that lane along the third side of the property, which we crept up for a photo? That private lane? Peel's Lane? Wrong again. Nothing. No Peel or Adelaide family histories online either, which could yield clues as to the origins of this astounding house.

So. I am stuck with a dentist. A dentist with brilliant taste in homes, who is likely contributing to the ongoing survival of this Victorian gem in Lindsay's encroaching business district.


  1. Have you considered contacting the dental office to see if they have any history on the building?

  2. A completely logical and sensible thought...which I must admit I have not had!